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Patient Testimonials

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Leslie K.

  • shoulder--dislocation & fracture

“Dr. Pahl impressed me with his friendliness, concern, knowledge & professionalism. I've never had a dr. who was so thorough, as well as one who answered ALL my questions. Even though I am in pain, I left his office feeling relieved, and cared for.”

Judi W

  • Bilateral bone spur removal
Judi W's photo

“Dr Pahl has done surgery on both my right and left shoulders, and I could not be more pleased with the results. I can now use them both again, with complete range of motion, but without the pain I had for 10 months that had kept me from getting much sleep at night. He is a great surgeon who actually listened to me when I had questions about what could be done to relieve my pain.

I cannot thank him enough, nor can I say enough good things about him.”


M.Martin's photo

“If just having been diagnosed with RA in the past twelve months wasnât enough, suddenly my left shoulder was starting to weaken with pain and I found myself with limited mobility. My rheumatologist referred me to Dr. Pahl, saying he came highly recommended so I went with it â Not only was the entire orthopaedic staff warm and welcoming, it was a great preface to meeting Dr. Pahl, and his assistant Carolyn. Always having been athletic my entire life, Iâve never required any type of surgery for anything so this was new water I was treading. CONCERN: After this surgery, will I âbounce backâ to moving my shoulder the way I used to? ANSWER: Yes, and then some! Dr. Pahl not only displayed confidence and is knowledgeable in performing a successful surgery, he (and his staff) have been extremely supportive in the pre- & post-surgery process... ! Dr. Pahl is a very personable individual and his laid-back mannerism speaks leaps and bounds of an extremely patient and understanding doctor. What would I say to my rheumatologist of her recommendation to Dr. Pahl ? He is one of the best! Thank you, Dr. Pahl - ”

mike w

  • removal & repacement of artificial knee

“I'm a 68 year old truck driver who had an artificial knee implanted in 2009 by another surgeon. Everything was doing well until I got a staff infection which required removal of the device. Dr. Pahl & I met just before the emergency surgery. The surgery included removing the prosthesis and cementing two antibiotic spacers into the knee & sewing the leg up. Four months later after the infection was cleared, Dr Pahl inserted a new prosthesis. After 8 weeks of therapy I was able to go back to work with no limitations. Keep in mind this is my clutch leg and must use it in that capacity a few hundred times each day. I have almost 90 degrees of motion, which is great since I only had about 30 degrees of motion before Dr Pahl operated on me. I won't be able to keep up with the grandkids but this is to be expected at some age. Have pain level under 1. If I have any more problems you know who I'll be going to see.”

D C Smith

  • Rotator cuff, labral tear, bone spurs
D C Smith's photo

“After seeking the opinion of a few surgeons for my surgery I chose Dr. Pahl and I'm very glad I did. Pre-surgery he did a great job of explaining the source of my pain and laying out what he was looking for in surgery. He also explained the recovery time frame and managed my expectations right up front. His staff was great as scheduling surgery and managing the insurance component. Follow up appointments were positive and Dr. Pahl was very good at explaining my limitations until the next step of recovery/rehab was reached. Now I am almost fully healed and working to full recovery, ahead of where I thought I would be. Dr. Pahl never talks down to patients and communicates clearly as to what is wrong and how it can be corrected. I have recommended Dr. Pahl to several who are having shoulder pain.”

Mary H

  • Arthroscopic Surgery for Torn Meniscus
Mary H's photo

“All I can say is - Michael Pahl, MD rocks!!! I had been troubled with a torn meniscus in my left knee for almost a year. I went to Dr. Pahl for a consultation; he took his time explaining the procedure and recovery time. He is quite personable and caring.

The surgery did the trick; I was only on crutches for two days, minor pain after the procedure, and no need for physical therapy. I have already recommended his services to a friend and would recommend him highly to anyone who needs any form of knee or shoulder surgery. He's the best!!!”

Tom M.

  • Quadriceps reconstruction

“The full extent of my injury was not known until surgery because I cannot tolerate an MRI. When Dr. Pahl discovered my quad was completely torn with a 4 cm gap, he was able to change his surgical plan on the fly and repaired the injury using a graft. His creativity, flexible mind and surgical skill allows me to walk today. I continue to make progress under his supervision. He is a gifted surgeon and healer. His entire team is also great to work with. They are all terrific.”

Linda Dilday

  • Right shoulder replacement

“I can't say enough good things about Dr.Pahl and only wish I had done this testimonial sooner. I had been having problems with my right shoulder for a couple of years until it finally got to where I couldn't sleep or lay on that side. Dr. Pahl told me that because it was arthritis that a shoulder replacement was only the option. I had it done July 2, 2014 and did wonderful with therapy, no pain and back to full range of motion in 3 months. I can't thank him enough for my pain relief, for his wonderful bedside manner, his caring way and his expertise. I now have a bionic arm to go with the knees and hips! Thank you Dr. Pahl!”

George S.

  • Shoulder replacement
George S. 's photo

“Like most successful doctors, Michael Pahl is a busy man. Despite a busy office environment, Dr Pahl always took as much time as needed to answer my questions in detail. His friendly bedside manner gave the confidence to have him perform, not one, but two shoulder replacements in the same year. Now, seven months after the last of the two, I can say without a doubt that my movement and rotation is greatly improved in both, even to the point I can now play some ball toss with the grand kids with little or no pain. I wish the rest of me worked as well! Thanks doc for the great work on the shoulders.

If you have shoulder pain, I highly recommend Dr. Pahl. My once painful shoulders feel great. The fact that Dr Pahl and staff are a pleasure to deal with is an added bonus!”

Judy T.

  • Reverse Shoulder Replacement

“I feel very blessed to have found Dr. Pahl. My other surgeon had just given up on me and I still could not move my arm after 3 surgeries. I came to see Dr. Pahl for a 2nd opinion on my right shoulder. He told me my shoulder was bone on bone and I need a shoulder replacement. 2 months later I had a new shoulder and felt better then I had in years. Dr. Pahl did an AWESOME job and the recovery time was VERY short. If you are trying to find a good surgeon you don't need to look any further, you found the BEST, Dr. Michael A. Pahl.”

Michael Fortner

  • Right Shoulder Replacemet

“I can barely believe this: Dr. Pahl replaced my right shoulder two years ago. It had been giving me a great deal of pain, and, in the end, it had caused so much pain at night that I was not able to sleep through a single night.

The Doc had told me that the shoulder was pretty much shot months before this, but had advised that I wait until the pain and dysfunction were affecting my daily life: shoulder reconstruction is not a procedure to enter into lightly. There's a lot of pain, and the therapy is often challenging. That's always great advice, and I lasted those months with manageable, tolerable discomfort.

When those sleeping problems started to affect my work general alertness, it was time. The Doc's amazing scheduling staff guided me through all the necessary steps and had me on his surgery schedule post-haste.

The surgery went quite well, and I was out of the hospital and back home the next day! That's when the really amazing part of this adventure started.

I was a veteran of two hip replacements, and knew the true and full value of post-op physical therapy. If you don't want to do the therapy, don't do the surgery! Well, I walked into Memorial Orthopedics top-notch PT facility, met Jason, and went to work. He was amazed at how quickly I made progress. Apparently, shoulder replacement PT is one of the more grueling kinds. But I was going through this without so much as breaking a sweat. It was -- and I say this with a vivid memory of the time -- almost painless. I was out of the arm sling that same week, and back to work ahead of schedule. And I wasn't feeling any static pain or even discomfort. Mostly, I wasn't feeling anything at all, except in the range of motion.

The amazing parts of this post-op experience were the conversations I had with other PT patients. Some were weeks ahead of me in time, but not returning to normal function as quickly as I was. I'm going to take credit for diligently complying with Jason's exercise schedule and icing and heating recommendations. But I can't take credit for any physical attributes or fitness that might have contributed to my rapid recovery.

All credit for my frankly amazing recovery and return to a normal, functional life and sleep pattern goes to Dr. Pahl and PT expert Jason Smith. An amazing team of highly skilled professionals second to none.

Oh...in case you're wondering why it took me two years to write this testimonial, I'll joyously tell you: I keep forgetting that I have a shoulder replacement at all. That darn thing feels better than the lefty! Here's to you, Dr. Pahl! Three Cheers!!”

Cheryl K

  • Right Shoulder Replacement
Cheryl K's photo

“At 61 I wasn't quite prepared for a total shoulder replacement. I have to say that I was terrified. Dr Pahl eased my fears with knowledge on the implant and surgery. This replacement surgery truly is a dedicated process for both patient and surgeon. The pain and therapy is intense but short lived. His constant encouragement and care had me at about 90% at 3 months post op. I could not be happier with my surgical care and results. I now call Dr. Pahl my Hero. I am 5 months post op and my life is better than prior to surgery. Dr. Pahl's careful assessment and treatment has given me back a pain free life. Kudos Dr Pahl. ”

D L Keltch

  • left tendons in rotor cuff

“Had 3 torn tendons in my rotor cuff when I went to see Dr. Pahl. He understood my reservations about operating on my shoulder. He answered all my questions I had about surgery.All I can say is, Dr. Pahl is excellent at what he does. Surgery went beautiful. The pain after the surgery felt like someone had hit me in the shoulder. I didn't even use any pain pills. After the surgery, listen to what Dr. Pahl wants you to do. I followed all his instrutions and 4mos. later, I have complete movement of my shoulder. Thank you Dr. Pahl and your staff for helping me return back to normal without any pain. ”

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